A comprehensive and customised solution for all your projects.

Neopolia Aerospace groups together more than 65 companies which pool their expertise and collaborate in order to respond innovatively to the needs of the aeronautics market.

Drawing on the synergy of its diverse membership, Neopolia Aerospace can offer integrated and modular solutions in four fields of expertise.

Our added value lies in industrial optimisation: 

Full control of the supply chain and reduction in your supplier interfaces

A powerful and robust production tool

  • A total turnover of 300 million euros
  • 3,000 salaried employees in 2015

Resource-pooling and process flexibility

Proficient management with a strategy ensuring:

  • The client's demands are met in an optimal way
  • Services are properly performed (costs, quality, timescales)
  • The various activities are coherent (design, production, installation, handover)